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Buy Pink Buffalo mushroom online in the United States. The Pink Buffalo strain is originally from Thailand. Legend has it that a man named John “Mushroom John” Allen discovered the Pink Buffalo strain of psilocybin mushrooms l in a field where a sacred Pink Buffalo had been seen. The Pink Buffalo psilocybe cubensis strain yields large, capped mushrooms and their caps stay darker than most.  It’s considered a highly active strain.  It is highly rhizomorphic and is a fast colonizer compared to most other mushroom spores’ strains.

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Psychedelic Sales Dispensary is a magic mushroom shop in the United States based in Oregon that offers psilocybin mushrooms for sale online. Magic mushrooms are known for their psychedelic experience due to the psilocybin they contain. We have the best selected number of dried psychedelic mushrooms strains available on our shelves to satisfy health benefits for different individuals. Our available dried shrooms for sale consist mostly of the Psilocybe cubensis specie which the most common magic mushroom specie.

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Shrooms for sale online in our shroom shop USA are sold as dried magic mushrooms. Dried shrooms are at the best state for preservation and also ease with consumption. Psychedelic mushrooms are not fully legal in every state in the United States, although some states such as Oregon, California and Washington DC have passed positive laws in favor of magic mushrooms. Buy magic mushrooms online in the United States with reliability in quality and growth technique which is best suitable for both medical and recreational consumption.

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