Dutch Dragons Truffles


Dutch Dragons Magic Truffles

The Dutch Dragons are one of the strongest magic mushroom truffles with similar effects as the Dragon Dynamite Truffles. You can experience strong hallucinations, deep thoughts and eye-twisting perceptions of your environment. Contain 15grams.



Buy Dutch Dragons Truffles Online in the United States

Buy Dutch Dragons Truffles online in the United States. If you are an experienced user, then the Dutch Dragons Magic Truffles are very suitable for you. They are very strong and therefore they are advised for experienced users. This Magic Truffles experience can be very intense. Suitable for experienced users.

These Magic truffles provide certainty for hallucinations, distortions and a unique feeling. The Dutch magic Truffles are highly recommended if you want a deep and spiritual experience. In good company and a familiar setting is the most comfortable and ideal way to obtain the best from this trip.

The effects greatly vary from person to person and no trip is like the one before, every experience is absolutely unique and unpredictable. It greatly depends on your state of mind though, if you are mentally prepared, you can experience a beautiful journey.

How to Use Dutch Dragons Magic Truffles

Mushroom Truffles work best on an empty stomach, about 2-3 hours after your last meal. Take half a dose to test your reaction, chew really good, truffles have a bitter earthy taste, drink it with water or tea with no sugar. After about half of an hour you will start feeling the effect of psilocybin.

Drink only water during the trip avoid alcohol, food, sugar and do not use any other stimulants. Use truffles in a calm and familiar environment.

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Magic Truffles Dosages

Magic Truffles Beginner Dosage

If you are unfamiliar with Magic Truffles, you should stick to a small dose of roughly 10 grams. This will generally provide you with a good trip characterized by some soft visuals, plenty of giggles, and some profound thoughts.

Magic Truffles Experienced Dosage

If you’re an experienced Magic Mushroom Truffles enthusiast looking to reach new levels of consciousness, feel free to experiment with stronger doses: 15 grams up to 20 grams or more.

How Long do Magic Truffles Stay

All our Magic Mushroom Truffles or Magic Truffles are freshly packed. You should store them in the fridge. Unopened, you can keep them in your fridge for about 2 months. Once opened however, the truffles can only be kept for a few more days.

Nutritional Value Of Magic Mushroom Truffles

Magic Truffles contain nutrients that serve for the construction, energy supply and regulation of the human organism and are necessary for the maintenance, functioning and development of that organism, and thus can be consumed because of those substances.

Magic truffles contain the following nutritional values:

Magic Truffle                                                Unit
Energy                                                         464,7 kJ                     per 100 g
Energy                                                         110,5 kcal                   per 100 g
Carbohydrates                                             13,2 gram                   per 100 g
Protein                                                          5,3 gram                    per 100 g
Fat                                                                0,4 gram                    per 100 g
Dietary fiber                                                 16,7 gram                   per 100 g
Salt                                                               0,3 gram                    per 100 g
Vitamin D                                                     10 IU                          per 100 g
Sodium                                                        13,6 mg                      per 100 g
Phosphorus                                                169,3 mg                     per 100 g
Potassium                                                    210 mg                      per 100 g
Calcium                                                       12,5 mg                      per 100 g
Iron                                                              0,7 mg                        per 100 g

Psychedelic Truffles For Sale Online USA

NOTE: Magic Truffles naturally contain the substances Psilocybin and Psilocin which are hallucinogens. When consuming psychedelic truffles, take the effect of these substances seriously into account and always keep out of the reach of children because they are hallucinogenic! Store Magic Truffles in a dark, dry and cool place between 2 and 4 °C. Buy psychedelic truffles at our psychedelic store USA now!!

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