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Buy Good Trip Mushroom Chocolate Bars online in the United States which is a magic mushroom infused Belgian chocolate 4g. They are made from the infuse of the good trip mushroom strain into the chocolate bar and they come in different flavors. Good trip chocolate bars are a new brand of psilocybin chocolate bars that have gained popularity in recent years. They are one of the best selling magic mushroom chocolate bars in the market. We selected good trip mushroom bar in our psilocybin collection because it produces a clean trip that doesn’t leave you crashing after the initial peak. Good trip magic mushroom bar is tasty, irresistible and contains 3.5g of psilocybin from magic mushrooms (6 grams per chocolate square and can be broken down into squares for flexible dosage).

Good trip Mushroom Chocolate Bars Effects

It’s important to note that mushrooms are a hallucinogenic product and should be consumed in moderation. Good trip magic mushroom bars contain magic mushrooms which have psilocybin, so you should expect a mild to moderate trip after consuming which also depends on your tolerance level. We recommend you start with 1-3 pieces to access your tolerance level. You can now begin to increase dosage with reference to your level of tolerance. Most people will settle between 4-5 pieces as the ideal dosage.

Good Trip Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar for sale online

As one of the most potent magic mushroom chocolate bars currently in the market, good trip shroom bars are quite known for their potency. Each micro dose bar has 15 square pieces which are very potent and have been acknowledge for its solid impact on health benefits with a great and sweetened taste. Overall, good trip mushroom bar is a unique and exciting treat that combines the indulgent flavors of chocolate with the mind-altering effects of mushrooms. There are quite a few different good trip mushroom chocolate bar flavors, these flavors have different tastes as we understand individuals also vary with tastes. Fell free to select which flavor is suitable for you. Whether you are a foodie or you are just looking to try something new, this snack is sure to delight your taste buds and expand culinary horizons. So go ahead and give it a try, you might just discover a new favorite trippy snack.

Where To Buy Good Trip Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars Online

Psychedelic Sales dispensary offers good trip mushroom chocolate bars for sale online in the United Sates. This magic mushroom chocolate bars are a premium choice for anyone looking to enjoy a tasty and trippy experience. Psychedelic sales dispensary are one of the best magic mushroom stores in USA that we recommend to buy magic mushrooms online in the United Sates and buy Psilocybin Chocolate bars online in the United States.


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