Lemon Tek Mango Lychee – 3000mg


Lemon Tek Mango Lychee 3000mg ~ 200mg Per Gummy

Organic Ingredients: Honey, gelatin, coconut sugar, proprietary blend of natural citrus and berry flavouring and preservatives, and psilocybin (Harlequin).

*Organic, Gluten Free, & Nut Free



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Microdose Mushroom’s Organic Lemon Tek Mango Lychee – 3000mg for sale in the United States are a unique and convenient way to consume psilocybin mushrooms. These gummies are made with all organic ingredients, naturally flavoured and coloured, and combined with the lemon-activated psilocybin strain Harlequin.

Organic Lemon Tek Mango Lychee For Sale

Lemon Tek is the process of converting psilocybin into psilocin with the acidity of lemon juice. Converting psilocybin into psilocin helps with stomach discomfort people experience when taking psilocybin mushrooms, as the stomach is responsible for usually converting psilocybin into psilocin and often causes stomach discomfort.

We use the harlequin strain, which is very uplifting, energetic and euphoric. Lemon Tek is also known for offering a more quick and more upbeat experience. On top of using all organic ingredients, our sour gummies taste amazing. The combination of Lemon Tek and the strain Harlequin makes our gummies a perfect product for outdoor activities or social events.

What Is a Microdose?

Microdosing has become all the rage recently, and for a good reason. Microdosing is the art of getting the most of psychedelics with the smallest amounts.

Basically, a microdose is a dose of a psychedelic where you won’t feel any psychedelic effects. That means if you take a microdose of magic mushrooms, you shouldn’t feel the characteristic effects. Lemon Tek Sour Cherry Gummies for sale

That means no visuals, no auditory hallucinations, and no emotional changes. So why would anyone want to microdose?

The point of microdosing is to get the benefits of microdosing without the trip. That means one can boost mood, feel more open, and get creative without committing to a day of tripping out.

Not only that, but microdosing offers consistent benefits. After all, it would be hard or nearly impossible to trip out multiple days of the week.

However, microdosing lets you get the benefits of psychedelics long-term.

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Our Shrooms Shop USA offers lemon tekking gummies which are already prepared and ready for consumption. Many People are interested in the lemon tek process due to its advantage of eliminating side effects of consuming raw magic mushrooms. And People face difficulty with time and the process to make lemon tek. This is the main reasons we have made available Lemon Tek microdosing capsules for sale in our Shroom Store USA. Buy Lemon Tek Pills Online at the comfort of your home and consume immediately it arrives. Buy Lemon Tek Mango Lychee Online.