Treasure Coast Mushroom


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Buy Treasure Coast Mushroom Online USA

Buy Treasure Coast Mushroom online in the United States which has a history that is shrouded in mystery. Treasure Coast was first sold by Mr. G. the controversial creator of the B+ Mushroom Strain. Treasure Coast is a rather pale strain, lighter in color than most. According to some experts, the TC is from Southern Florida’s Gulf Coast, but there is some disagreement as to where TC originated.

Treasure Coast Mushroom Potency

Treasure coast mushroom is a classic strain, it has been sold for years and is a favorite among veterans, many of whom swear it has above average potency. Some psychonaut veterans say they have also seen firsthand a few female friends get very excited from these mushrooms. They giggled of body tingles that tickled their bodies in all the right places, which nearly put them into uncontrollable orgasm. TC may be the perfect date magic mushroom? Or could this be wishful thinking?

Either way, Treasure Coast is an interesting, if not unique magic mushroom, and it is certainly worth a try. You may be in for a surprise… especially you females!

Treasure Coast Mushrooms are considered a potent magic mushroom

We have found that people report strong highs at first, particularly from TREASURE COAST MUSHROOM and then the experience becoming more chill as you enter into the high. When you consume them it gives you a feeling of enlightenment, they will help you connect to nature.  All this makes sense as it appears that their name also derives from their amazing ability to heal the mind and spirit.

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