White Teacher Mushroom


Onset Time: 30-60 mins

Duration: 4-6 hrs

Strength: Advanced Strength

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Buy White Teacher Mushroom Online in the United States

Buy White Teacher Mushroom Online in the United States which was developed through a cross of the classic Golden Teacher mushroom and Albino Penis Envy Mushroom. White teacher mushrooms for sale online tend to be large in size with white caps from their albino heritage. Both types belong to the Psilocybe Cubensis family which is the most commonly cultivated fungi containing Psilocybin.

White Teacher Mushroom

Best Use

Expect a combination of both parents when it comes to White Teacher Mushroom strain. Golden Teacher Mushroom are widely known for their mental wellness properties. This includes combatting ailments such as depression and anxiety. Whereas Albino Penis Envy has substantial hallucinogenic effects and possesses high levels of psilocybin. The latter has more introspective effects that can last for quite some time.

White Golden Teacher Mushroom Dosage

0.5-1.5 grams – advanced strength

2-4 grams – medium to full trip

Our bodies love rhythm so the recommended dose is to use every 4-6 weeks to help maintain quality mental and spiritual health. 

Length of trip of white albino mushrooms for sale online

If taking a full dose, the effects should be felt within 20-45 mins. Sometimes a puff or two of cannabis can help kick in the effects of the psilocybin. Like most mushrooms, when taking a full dose of Penis Envy magic mushrooms strong effects can last 4-6 hours with the following days or weeks having a reduction in one’s depressive nature. 

Effects Of White Teacher Mushrooms

Enter the fascinating realm of the White Teacher mushroom strain, where you can explore the depths of your mind and soul. These captivating fungi offer unique and potent effects that inspire creativity and uplift your spirit.

Buy White Teachers which offers not just a psychedelic experience; they are also visually stunning with snow-white caps and delicate stems that will take your breath away. If you’re looking to add a touch of magic to your life White Teachers are the ideal choice. Buy White Teacher Mushroom Online.

Don’t hesitate to embark on a voyage of wonder and magic with White Teacher mushroom for sale. They are perfect for those seeking to explore the mysteries of the universe, connect with their inner selves, or simply have a good time. Grab a sack, sit back, and get ready to discover the endless possibilities with White Teacher mushrooms.

Buy Shrooms Online in the United States

Shrooms for sale online in our shroom shop USA are sold as dried magic mushrooms. Dried shrooms are at the best state for preservation and also ease with consumption. Psychedelic mushrooms are not fully legal in every state in the United States, although some states such as Oregon, California and Washington DC have passed positive laws in favor of magic mushrooms. Buy magic mushrooms online in the United States with reliability in quality and growth technique which is best suitable for both medical and recreational consumption.

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