Wavy Bars Chocolate




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Buy Wavy Bars Chocolate online USA. This is a brand of psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars different from others. Due to the fast rise in micro dosing, and an ever ready market, we provide the world with wavy bars. The Dark chocolate bar is a flavor that stands out from all the other flavors. Just like every other magic mushroom Chocolate bars product, wavy bars are made up of Magic mushroom, Hot chocolate and some Milk. These mixtures makes it possible for micro-dosers have a sweet experience.


There are 3 main ingredients used in making wavy bars. They include mushroom, chocolate and milk. However, with the dark chocolate wavy bar flavor, the amount of dark chocolate used, triples the quantity of milk. Therefore this dark chocolate mushroom bar has slightly bitter taste as compared to the other flavors.

Wavy Bars Packaging

The wavy bars chocolate comes in a blue foil paper. Also, it has the wavy bar boldly written on it. The various flavors are written below the brand name. The product is linear in shape and has an estimated length of 15cm. Similarly to its cousin (one up mushroom), these wavy bars have an average weight of 3.5g.

Wavy Bar Chocolate Effect

There are no negative reviews about wavy bars since all of our customers claims to have a funfilled experience whenever they microdose with these shroom chocolate. However, this product has very strong hallucinogenic effects.


Since psilocybe mushroom is the most dominant ingredient, it is advisable to microdose carefully. For beginners, one pack of wavy bar is enough. Whereas for microdosers with more experience, Two to Four bars is enough. In addition, people can consume as many bars as they want, depending on their ability to endure its powerful effects. However, we advise that you trip safely and avoid wavy bar abuse.

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